IPOS (Intervention Policy Optimization System) is a collaboration between InferSpace and Datalogue GmbH – the leading German Big Data and Data Analytics company.

Why is IPOS needed?

All countries around the world are struggling to deal with the immediate and ongoing effects of COVID-19 on their countries, people and economies. Blanket lockdowns and quarantines are blunt instruments which whilst effective in halting the spiralling growth of the first wave of infections are not viable for ongoing control because of the associated crippling economic and social cost. What is required is granular data which pinpoints areas of concentrated or increasing infection so that localized and targeted measures can be applied to control and limit the growth of infection across the wider community. This is the IPOS innovation.

What does IPOS do?

  • Simulates the movements and interactions of people within communities.
  • Assesses how different COVID-19 control methods impact on the dynamics of infection within that community.
  • Identifies the best method or combination of methods to control the spread of infection.

The IPOS difference

Many AI-based systems use what is referred to as an Equation-based approach. IPOS is different; it uses an innovative Agent-based approach. This is far superior in the sensitivity of its analysis and its results.

IPOS improves decision making

IPOS will provide practical and actionable output and recommendations that will support decision-making and responses to the challenges posed by COVID-19 spread. IPOS will assess the efficacy of a combination of potential safeguarding measures such as contact tracing, social distancing, hand cleaning, PPE, self-isolation, regulations for restaurants, malls etc, quarantine and closure / control of specific places such as schools and will identify optimal strategies. If there are several candidate optimal strategies IPOS can assist in making the final choice via scenario planning in conjunction with multi-criteria decision-making. Even where there are data and process uncertainties IPOS can still help via a comparison of, for example, different data collection and track and trace approaches to determine the best mitigation policy.

The IPOS Deliverables:

  • The best and richest data sources
  • A customised AI-based simulation
  • Targeted and actionable policy and process options specific to your local situation.