Who we are

Dr Richard Dybowski
The focus of Richard’s work is the application of statistical and artificial-intelligence (AI) techniques to clinical decision-making, a field that he has been engaged with for over 20 years.
He is particularly interested in developing Bayesian decision-support systems for personalized patient diagnosis and management (e.g., in ophthalmology and cancer) through the fusion of information from different sources (e.g. combining clinical symptoms, radiological data, biomarkers and genetic data), as well as refining and extending existing machine-learning techniques.
Richard is based in Cambridge, UK. 
Mark Pinner


Mark is an experienced business consultant. He has particular expertise in supporting clients investment and public affairs processes in the UK and China.
He has advised many clients in the science and technology space, especially those connected with IT and AI. These include the IT audit and security association ISACA, academic publishers Frontiers and Wiley, medical imaging specialist AGFA as well as the Society of Women Engineers, ABB and the Institute of Enginerring and Technology.
He formerly worked for Conservative Party Parliamentart research organisation in the UK Parliament as well as in the head office of Chinese MNC Lenovo, helping to coordinate and drive consumer sales and marketing teams around the world.