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Our name? Infer means ‘to infer’; Space means ‘a set of all possibilities’; Inferspace means the set of all possible inferences.


The Coronavirus Crisis, Artificial Intelligence and Beyond

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The coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China, has claimed 10,015 lives [as of 19 March 2020], and is impacting badly on the World’s economy.
A number computer systems are available for predicting and/or preventing/managing outbreaks of the coronavirus – to some extent – such as those of BlueDot, Metabiota, Boston University and the University of Southern California.
However, choosing a system depends on several criteria including the following:
  • Accuracy of predictions made by the system, such as where the next outbreak is likely to occur.
  • Whether the system makes use of automated infectious disease surveillance, the types of data used by the system (such as local climate and fauna) and the modes of information used (such as text-based data).
  • Whether the system can take account of underlying population dynamics.
  • Whether the system optimises allocation of resources to help public health authorities understand where best to deploy their resources.
Therefore, making the right choice is not straightforward, but InferSpace can help you make the right critical choice. Or build the right system for you.


InferSpace creates custom-built decision support systems using the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques.
But we not only use the latest data-driven techniques (such as Deep Learning), we also incorporate domain knowledge, when available, using principled methods (such as Probabilistic Graphical Models).
This combination of knowledge and data allows the design of decision support systems that permit the fusion of information from various sources. A medical example is the fusion of clinical features with radiological images and genomic data.
And we have over 20-years experience in the use of Artificial  Intelligence for Medicine.
Our clients include Ely Lilly, Fetch.AI and the British Government: